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The coffee fruit...

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hat is it? Maybe many of us don't know that coffee beans is actually the raw beans of a fruit called coffee!

The coffee fruit...
The superiority of a single cup really depends of the quality of the green beans. These beans has different characteristic from one region to another. The altitude, micro-climate and the soil nutrition of the plantation must be appropriate to produce a top quality of Arabica beans.There are qualification levels of green coffee beans according to Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA):o         Specialty Grade Green Coffee (5 defects in 300 grams)o         Premium Coffee Grade (8 defects in 300 grams)o         Exchange Coffee Grade (9-23 defects in 300 grams)o         And so on…
Anomali Coffee only supply Specialty grade green coffee.
There are two species of coffee tree which have been commercialized in the coffee industry, Arabica and Canephora (or famously know as Robusta). We basically can differentiate between those two beans by observing the table below.
AromaStronger aroma.Less aroma
AcidityMajority has higher acidModerate
Plantation altitude1200-2000 meter (from sea level)0-700 meter
Bean structureSmaller and ovalBigger and round
Pest resistant Less resistantMore resistant
 Anomali Coffee only produce and serve Arabica beans.


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