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Coffee Distribution History

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Coffee Distribution History
Coffee plant seeds and then baked and served mashed. Method of roasting coffee beans themselves are not unknown when he started. But the coffee plant originated from the highlands of Ethiopia, which at that time the wild plants in Ethiopia. Then the coffee plants from here was developed in the Arabian Peninsula around the 15th century, which became famous Arabica Coffee. Arabica coffee is currently the most widely type of coffee produced in the world that is reaching more than 60 percent of world coffee production.
According to legend, coffee was invented by a young Arab named Kaldi, a goatherd. He always noticed that the goat was always happy to show symptoms after a bite of seeds and leaves of green plants. Out of curiosity, he tried to plant seeds, and feel the effects of passion and joy. This discovery eventually spread by word of mouth, since according to legend was born in the Arabian coffee.
In 1610, the first coffee plants were planted in the regions of India. Dutch people began to study proliferation of coffee in the year 1614. Then in 1616, they managed to get seeds and plant a fertile coffee and immediately set up a coffee plantation in Sri Lanka and the land of Java (Indonesia) in 1699. Then by the Dutch people, this plant spread to the Dutch colony in Central America as in Surinam and the Caribbean. Then the nation of France is also interested in the coffee trade. They bought coffee seeds from Holland and then developed in Reunion Island east of Madagascar. But they failed to develop the coffee here. Then in 1723, the French nation to try to develop coffee plantations in the area of the island of Martinique. In the 1800s, coffee plantations developed in Hawaii. Later these plants were also developed in Brazil and other regions.

Origin Coffee Words
Words in English coffee or coffee comes from the Arabic qahwah, which means strength. Then said the coffee that we know today originated from the Turkish language which then later became kahveh Koffie in Dutch and in English coffee. The word is absorbed into the Indonesian language to be coffee.

Coffee in the Age of the past until now
Coffee was originally used as a food product. Then the coffee is used as a substitute for wine. Later coffee is also used as medicine. And now the famous coffee as a beverage which seemed very popular.
At first the coffee is used as food. All the crushed coffee beans, then add oil. Then the dough is shaped into a round and the food. Until today, some tribes in Africa still take coffee in the form like that.
Later, the coffee is used as a substitute for wine. Coffee beans created as a beverage similar to wine. Some people make a drink like this by pouring boiling water over the coffee beans that have been dried.
As a drug, coffee can be beneficial for treating migraines, headaches, heart disorders, asthma and chronic bowel disorders. Nevertheless, for excessive coffee consumption can have a negative impact. If the consume is belebih coffee can increase stomach acid, causing tension, and speed up the heartbeat. In addition, coffee consumption is excessive, often associated with stomach ulcers.
Later, the coffee is used as a pretty delicious drink. Dried coffee beans are then roasted and milled in the shell. The result then can become a delicious coffee beverage. Later found in coffee bean grinder machine that facilitates the production of coffee as a beverage.


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